Nano Tech drink maker Set to Conquer the Energy Drink Market with Cutting Edge Technology and Ultra-Fast Recovery

There are so many pre-workout beverages available, it’s becoming more difficult to choose the right one for you. Every day we hear about a new preworkout drink. All of them are endorsed by celebrities who claim they can transform you into the Hulk. We were shocked when Nanohydr8 became a fad and people started to question its effectiveness. Is

Nano-formulations of drugs: Recent developments, impact and challenges

Many researchers are interested in nano-formulations for medicinal drugs. These nano-formulations improve the properties of traditional drugs and are specific for the delivery site. For enhanced drug formulation, some of the most popular nano-formulations in pharmaceutical industry include liposomes (polymeric nanoparticles), micelles, nano-emulsions, liposomes and nano-emulsions. There are many synthesis methods that can be used to prepare nano-formulations

The Effect of Nano-Fertilizers on Sustainable Crop Development

Chemical fertilizers can increase crop productivity but they also cause soil mineral imbalances and lower soil fertility. Chemical fertilizers can cause irreparable soil damage and soil microbial flora. It can affect the food chains of ecosystems that are responsible for future heritable mutations. Researchers are concerned about the excessive use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture due to

Hello from A Nano Co.

We’re a nanotechnology company first and foremost. We take products that have been tested and proven to be effective, and we make them anywhere from 100-1000x more effective. Using nanotechnology.